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Archived Before & After Photos

Fire damage in West Jordan, UT

Smoke damage engulfed the home after the range started on fire. The top of the cabinets were destroyed. The ceiling also had extensive damage and needed to be r... READ MORE

Residential Fire in West Jordan, UT

Residential Fire in West Jordan, UTThis beautiful brick home had the unfortunate fire that started inside their garage. This isn't surprising to our technicians... READ MORE

Salt Lake City Public Library

Recent rains brought a lot of water in just a short amount of time. Our large loss team was quick to respond and begin mitigating the damages. As you can see th... READ MORE

Thermal camera to detect where mold may grow.

Mold is hydrophilic (water loving) and a thermal camera finds water. This camera is used to tell where the source of water is coming from. Sometimes the water i... READ MORE

Mold Remediation Project

Moisture buildup from water heater malfunction. The water heater in this West Jordan, Utah home started leaking. it was just a small leak that ended up causing ... READ MORE

Responding to Mold Damage in Murray, Utah

Mold behind cabinets due to broken supply line to sink. The supply line to the sink in this home in Murray, UT had just a slit in it. The slit let out just a li... READ MORE

Tire Marks On Pavement

Road Construction Crew Losses Control During Resurfacing Road When the road construction crew lost control of one of their vehicles it left tire marks all along... READ MORE

Mold remediation in West Jordan Home

Moldy Drywall in West Jordan Home The mold growing in this kitchen is not normal. But mold doesn't grow unless there is a significant amount of water leaking in... READ MORE

Is that mold growing on the wall?

How to tell if mold is in your home. Mold is an organism that grows to help decompose dead organic matter. Mold is hydrophilic or water loving. Once water is in... READ MORE

Kitchen Mold Damage in West Jordan, Utah

West Jordan Home Covered in Black Mold When the water leaked out of the dishwasher nobody thought it was that big of a problem. The water was quickly mopped up ... READ MORE

Is my house a total loss?

A total loss is when the homeowner's insurance will pay out the whole amount of the policy. A home that has as much damage to it as this one did is considered a... READ MORE

Roof Replacement After Fire

Salt Lake City home damaged by kitchen fire. The fire in this kitchen started when the burner was left on and a hot pad was placed on top of it. Luckily insuran... READ MORE

Commercial Equipment for Commercial Losses

The difference between drying a home and a commercial building. SERVPRO of West Jordan has a lot of equipment ready and waiting to be used. But having the right... READ MORE

Improper window placement floods basement.

Storm damage in West Jordan basement. Torrential rains caused significant damage to this home. The fist picture shows the water behind the wall and throughout t... READ MORE

Burst Pipe in West Jordan, UT

A burst pipe caused ceiling damage and flooding in this West Jordan home. Sometimes it doesn't have to be cold for a pipe to break. The pipe in this home broke ... READ MORE

How does a clothes dryer cause a fire?

Lint buildup can cause a fire problem in the home. Lint from your clothes will start to line the exhaust of your dryer. The lint continues to accumulate and dry... READ MORE

Carpet Cleaning after Fire Damage

Kitchen fire causes dirty carpets. The soot from the kitchen fire was dragged all through the house by the fire fighters. But the damage to right inside the kit... READ MORE

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services

Do you have unsightly stains turning your customers away? A company in the Salt Lake City area were tired of hearing their customers complain about their carpet... READ MORE

Flooding in Salt Lake City Library

Salt Lake City Library with Extreme Flood Damage When the rain started nobody expected the water to raise so quickly. Many offices, homes, and other commercial ... READ MORE

Library Books Removal and Cleanup

Removal of books to be cleaned offsite. Due to the amount of damage that was in the library it was necessary to remove as much of the books and shelvings as pos... READ MORE

Restaurant Damaged From Flooding

What do I do if my restaurant floods? The first thing to do is call a restoration company. There are a couple of types of insurance that covers commercial build... READ MORE

Flooding in Salt Lake City Restaurant

Flooding and Demolition After the Storm Stormy weather can often lead to flooding. This Salt Lake City restaurant saw the effects first hand and could not belie... READ MORE